Nitto by Wheelpros NT830 Tyres

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Details about the NT830

The NT830 is a luxury, ultra-high performance tyre capable of matching pace with active lifestyles and demanding drivers. Offering perfect grip with minimal noise, the NT830 is the product of significant development, design and research. Innovative tread-pattern technology culminates to provide top traction through high speed corners, with minimal road noise. An all rounder to exceed expectations, regardless of the weather or the road, the NT830 excels in challenging conditions.

Key Features

  • Wide main grooves with smaller circumferential groove - Aquaplaning-resistance and dry cornering grip

  • Innovative tread design - Unique tread design and low noise

  • Wear-resistant, silica reinforced tread compound - Longer life with high grip levels

  • Rib pattern with lateral grooves and sipes - Excellent balance of dry and wet grip, with lower noise

  • Quiet serration in main circumferential grooves - Reduced air pipe resonance noise

  • Rim protector - Helps protect rims from damage