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Bundall Tyres offer a wide range of trusted tyre brands for your 4WD and SUV. We also offer cheap 4WD tyres for the budget conscious, with brands like Summit, Kanati, Federal, Silverstone, Aplus, Monstar and Sailun. We have cheap 4WD tyres and also premium 4WD tyres including brands like BFGoodrich, Toyo, Cooper and Nitto.

Just because you buy a new 4WD don’t expect to go off-road until you fit appropriate 4WD tyres to suit your driving encounter. A 4x4 will leave the showroom with new tyres primarily for driving on sealed roads; known as highway tyres. Highway patterns give little grip on soft or wet ground clogging up instantly, but actually handle the sand really well. So if your main driving desire is the beach then you may have a suitable tyre choice. It really depends on the type of terrain you want to explore.

There are two other 4WD tyre options, all-terrain tyres and mud terrain tyres. Mud tyres look aggressive and project an image 4WD enthusiast’s love; however they can be quite noisy. If you are not regularly driving in rocky, muddy off-road terrain, such an aggressive pattern is not required. All-terrain tyres (A/T) are most people’s choice as they compromise between on road ability, with a lower road noise and plenty of off road grip on most surfaces. If you plan on doing any off road driving with your 4WD come in and see us and we’ll be able to help you select the right type of off-road 4WD tyres for your needs.

SUV vehicles are typically equipped with four-wheel drive capability. SUV tyres need to accommodate the needs of a passenger vehicle as well as other possible functions such as towing and off road driving.

For 4WD or SUV tyres in Bundall, Southport, Ashmore, Molendinar, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach. If you need your 4WD tyres or SUV tyres replacing, we offer a wide range of new tyres as well as quality second hand tyres. We are centrally located on the Gold Coast at 47 Upton Street, Bundall, right next door to Southport.

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