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When it comes to commercial and light truck tyres there are three main sizing systems that are used; light truck high flotation, light truck metric and light truck numeric. The sizing charts refer to the performance requirements for both the vehicle and the tyres.

Many light trucks are used as commercial vehicles which means they typically do a lot more on road driving than a regular passenger car. Being on road more also means that your vehicle is likely to encounter all kinds of weather conditions.

If you rely on your light truck or commercial vehicle for your livelihood, then having good tyres that are also the right type of tyres for your vehicle is crucial. If you’re located in Bundall, or the surrounding areas such as Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Ashmore and Southport, contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members who can help to find the right LT tyres for your vehicle.


All tyres are marked on the outside rim with a tyre sizing. The numbers will read something like: 215/60 R16. The 215 indicates the tyre width in mm, the 60 represents the height to width ratio as a percentage, the R refers to the type of construction, Radial in this case and the 16 refers to the rim diameter in inches.

The classification of light truck can include vans and light duty utes. For all your commercial and light truck tyres needs on the Gold Coast why not come in and see us. We’ll make sure you get the best tyres for your budget and your driving requirements. When it comes to tyres, safety is paramount. Whether it’s new tyres or second hand tyres we only stock quality tyres and all our new tyres come with a manufacturers guarantee.

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