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Roadworthy Certificates. Why you can’t sell your car without one.

When you sell your car in Queensland it is a legal requirement that the vehicle has a roadworthy certificate or commonly known as a Safety Certificate. These certificates are needed when a registered light vehicle is offered for sale, when a vehicle’s registration is being transferred to another owner, when a vehicle registered in Queensland is being transferred to another state or when a vehicle that was previously unregistered, is now being registered.

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Why wheel alignments are so important.

If you are driving your car and it pulls to one side, your steering wheel doesn’t look straight even when you are driving the car straight or it vibrates, or you notice your tyres are wearing out faster than usual, these are all signs your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. Wheels that are out of alignment is one of the biggest causes of premature tyre wear. A wheel alignment is an adjustment to a vehicles suspension, not to the tyre or wheel itself. Rather it is an adjustment that affects how the tyres make contact with the roads surface.

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Thinking of changing your tyre size? What are the legal requirements?

So you’ve bought a car and you would like to change the tyre size. The Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland have strict legal requirements for motorists wanting to replace the vehicle’s original rims and tyres with alternatives of different width, diameter and profile. The regulations regarding changing your cars tyre size from that of the vehicle manufacturers is to ensure any modified vehicles are still safe to drive and remain roadworthy.

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Planning a road trip? What to check before you leave.

When we plan a road trip we systematically plan what we are going to take and how long it’s going to take us to get there. What we don’t often plan is a check on our vehicles before we leave. Particularly at busy holiday periods like Christmas and Easter, you need to ensure you’ll get to your destination with the least amount of stress and hassle!

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Tyre care tips to get the most from your tyres

When driving a vehicle, it is important to ensure your tyres are always in the best possible condition. Tyres are often a last thought when it comes to keeping your vehicle well maintained, but in reality it is the tyres that keep the vehicle gripped to the road, so they should in fact be at the top of the list! Bundall Tyres on the Gold Coast see a number of vehicles where the tyres need to be replaced simply due to lack of care and maintenance.

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All-terrain vs Mud-terrain - understanding your 4WD tyre needs

If you drive a 4WD, you need to gain an understanding of the tyres you should fit dependent on whether you take your vehicle off road or not and how often. Choosing the right tyre will ensure to get the best advantage in safety, fuel economy and durability, particularly if you have bought a new 4WD vehicle, which will leave the factory fitted with highway tyres and these are not suitable for any off road driving. Bundall Tyres on the Gold Coast share some information here that may help you to be able to choose wisely between all-terrain tyres and mud-terrain tyres for your type of 4WD vehicle.

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