Roadworthy Certificates. Why you can’t sell your car without one.

When you sell your car in Queensland it is a legal requirement that the vehicle has a roadworthy certificate or commonly known as a Safety Certificate.

These certificates are needed when a registered light vehicle is offered for sale, when a vehicle’s registration is being transferred to another owner, when a vehicle registered in Queensland is being transferred to another state or when a vehicle that was previously unregistered, is now being registered.

Roadworthy certificates offer the buyer some protection that the vehicle has passed some basic checks and also reduces the number of un-roadworthy vehicles on our roads.

Although a roadworthy certificate inspection is not a detailed mechanical inspection, it does cover a basic check of:

·         tyres

·         brakes

·         steering

·         suspension

·         body rust

·         body damage

·         windscreen

·         lights


Only approved Approved Inspection Stations (AIS) can carry out safety inspections and issue the roadworthy certificate which must be produce when the vehicle is registered to the new owner.

For private sellers the certificates are valid for 2 months from date of issue or 2,000 klms, whichever comes first.

Dealerships who sell vehicles with safety certificates have 3 months until expiry or 1,000 klms, whichever comes first.

Bundall Tyres on the Gold Coast offer roadworthy certificates as part of our broad range of services.

If you need to sell your vehicle, call us on 07 5504 5666 to book in for a safety certificate so you can get it sold fast!

If during the inspection it is determined the vehicle needs tyres to pass, we have a range of quality second hand tyres we can fit and supply as well. 

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