Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are a popular choice amongst motoring enthusiasts because they are much lighter than steel wheels which can lead to better handling and performance. Because alloy wheels weigh less, they have less rotational resistance and can accelerate faster from a standing start, so if you are looking for more speed on track days, alloy wheels are a great option.

Alloy wheels are also a great option if you want to improve the look of your vehicle. Most new vehicle manufacturers supply alloys wheels now as a factory option, with only the few base models being fitted with steel wheels. If making a visual statement is important and you want to upgrade your wheels there is a huge selection available depending on your style and budget.

When choosing an alloy wheel suitable for your car there are 2 main points to consider.

Firstly, rim size. Most people choose to put a larger rim on their car when upgrading to alloy wheels. This will give your rim and tyre a low profile look. It can also increase the rolling diameter of you tyre and help the vehicles fuel economy.

Secondly, rim offset has a visual effect on your vehicle. The offset of a wheel refers to the face of the rim and how it sits, either towards the front of the rim (positive) or towards the rear of the rim (negative). A positive offset will push the wheel towards the body of the vehicle and allow cars to be lowered, or have more camber. A negative offset pushes the wheel away from body of the vehicle and allows for wider/taller tyres to be fitted. It will also allow a wider wheel to fit the same vehicle.

Every alloy wheel manufactured has to be made to meet a legal requirement before they can be used on a vehicle. If you are unsure of your rim size or what offset you require please call in to Bundall Tyres Gold Coast at 47 Upton Street, Bundall, or contact us on (07) 5504 5666 to discuss your options. We supply and fit quality alloy wheels to those in Bundall and the surrounding areas, including Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Ashmore and Southport, and we check what is suitable for your vehicle.

We have a range of alloy wheels available in different price ranges please use our wheel search to see what wheels you can upgrade to.

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