Hankook Vantra LT (RA18) Tyres

Vantra LT (RA18)
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Details about the Vantra LT (RA18)

Highly durable light commercial radial With a wide footprint and an aggressive straight groove pattern, the Vantra LT is highly durable without compromising performance. - Apply 3-channel wide groove: Enhance hydroplaning performance & safety in high speed - Optimum groove location width durable contact patch technology: optimised groove position ensure stability in outer grounding footprint area - Apply new 3D lateral groove: Enhance snow & wet performance without sacrificing block strength

Key Features

  • Exceptional durability - Optimised block stiffness for reduced wear and improved overall mileage.

  • Sidewall protection shield - Prevents sidewall damage from the curb during tight parking conditions.

  • Superior wet weather traction - 3-channel straight wide grooves reduce hydroplaning and increase wet weather performance.