Hankook Dynapro XT Tyres

Dynapro XT
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Details about the Dynapro XT

Ruggedness meets comfort

Key Features

  • Polygonal Blocks - The centre blocks and shoulder blocks with high rigidity provide improved off-road traction and handling.

  • Zig-zag grooves - The wide grooves provide added traction in off-road, easily evacuates water and keep stones and mud out of the way.

  • Lateral grooves - V shaped lateral grooves bite the surface for additional off-road grip.

  • Optimised pattern - Arranged by tread pitch variation technology, the optimised pattern reduces noise for a more comfortable ride.

  • Shoulder Block Cushions - Cushions between the shoulder blocks relieve impact and absorb noise.

  • Chamfered edges - The beveled edges minimise impact to reduce road noise.