Tyre Safety Check

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Healthy Tyres

Tyres play a big role in road safety. In any emergency your tyres are the last line of defence in stopping your vehicle.

Open road conditions can be very different from city road driving. Your vehicle may be challenged with unmade roads, different weather conditions than you’re used to as well as higher speeds. Open road driving can also present drivers with road hazards and obstacles that they’re not accustomed to. In these kind of conditions especially, healthy tyres are critical.

Tyre Safety Check

When we perform a tyre safety we look at different aspects of your tyres. We look for tyre tread depth to make sure that your tyres have sufficient grip for all road conditions, we check the tyre pressure to make sure it is not underinflated and we also check the general condition of your tyres.

Tyre pressure is important for even tyre wear. Low tyre pressure can also make steering more resistant. For general tyre wear we look for cracks or bulges as well as any sharp objects that may have become embedded in them. If you need new tyres we have a range of new and second hand tyres in stock that we can fit for you.

If you’re planning on a big road trip why not drop in to our Gold Coast workshop and get a free no-obligation tyre safety check. Located at 47 Upton St, we service those in Bundall and the surrounding areas, including Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Ashmore and Southport. Give yourself peace of mind before you head off on your next adventure. It’s a few minutes that could save your life and the lives of your family.