New Tyres Vs Tyre Repairs

In some cases, it is possible to repair a tyre rather than having to replace it. The most common reason for tyre repairs is punctures.

A spare tyre will get you out of trouble immediately if you get a flat tyre due to a puncture. Not all spare tyres are built for speed driving so it is important to get your damaged tyre fixed as soon as possible so the spare can be put away again for next time.

The biggest culprit for tyre repairs are nails and screws.

Tyre repairs caused by punctures are generally possible if they occur within the tread area of the tyre and are less than 5mm in diameter.

We will need to replace your tyre if your puncture exceeds 6mm, the puncture is located on the tyre’s sidewall or if your tyres are worn.

We will inspect your tyres and let you know if it’s worth repairing or whether you will need to replace it. If your tyre is beyond repair, we can supply and fit a new or second hand tyre for you.

If you need to get new tyres, the most important consideration is how well they will grip on wet roads when braking. Some tyres have a low rolling resistance which can offer better fuel efficiency. There are also tyres that are designed to reduce noise.

If you’re located in Bundall, or the surrounding areas, including Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Ashmore and Southport, contact us. We can assess the condition of your punctured tyre and advise if a repair is possible. If a repair is not an option,Whatever tyres you need, we’ll help you choose the right tyres for your safety and your budget. Our wide range of new and quality second hand tyres mean that we’ll have a tyre suitable for your needs. We are located centrally on the Gold Coast at 47 Upton Street, Bundall.